Top 3 notes: Your new signature scents

Top 3 notes: Your new signature scents

New year, fresh fragrance

Text: Chloe Allan

Image: Valentino,
Calvin Klein,
Jo Malone

Three new signature scents are setting the tone for a fresh and fragrance-filled year. Here's looking at you Valentino, Jo Malone and Calvin Klein...

Perfume is not only a beauty product but a simple yet effective way to present yourself. Whether you like crisp and clean, fruity and feminine or woody mists, this season the world's most luxurious labels are sure to leave you smelling nothing but deseriable with these top three must-try perfumes...

Valentino Valentina Poudre, Dhs485

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Valentino's latest perfume, Valentina Poudre turns a make-up concept into a brand new fragrance. Created by world-renowned perfumer Aurélien Guichard this sensuous scent combines touches of terracotta powder, notes of iris, tuberose and vanilla. 

2. Jo Malone Orris and Sandal Wood, Dhs730

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Jo Malones newest fragrance to make a beauty impact is, Orris and Sandalwood. The quality of the deep root of the Iris flower, the Orris, makes for an ultra-precious ingredient. Mixed with touches of floral tones and Sandalwood creates a perfectly unique scent. 

3. Calvin Klein Eternity Now, Dhs345

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Calvin Klein's Eternity Now plays on the brand's heritage of florals and love for fresh scents. Combining fruit with flowers such as nectarine, lychee, peony's and peach blossoms are the making's of the brands latest creation, which is designed to lighten your day and leave you smelling naturally beautiful.