The 3 life-changing colours you need in your beauty kit

The 3 life-changing colours you need in your beauty kit

Colour me perfect

Text: Shannon Wylie

Image: Sephora

Forget about contouring, baking and strobing and focus on colour correcting your skin. Here Buro 24/7 Middle East browses the base formulas at Sephora that need to be highlighted now...

Generally our beauty products come in pretty shades of pink and red, brown and black or blue and beige, but there's three colours that you should be wearing despite their shade: purple, green and orange-peach. Introducing the art of colour correctors! From hiding blemishes to reducing the appearance of dark circles, Sephora has curated the ultimate collection of colour correcting products for your beauty kit. Here are the base palettes and how to use them...

Brighten your complexion instantly by applying a purple shade to your cheekbones, brow line, bridge of the nose and the inner corner of the eye. Then simply apply foundation. Here are the best performing purple correctors and tools to get the effect at Sephora now. 

On the colour chart the rule states that green is the complementary colour to red, so in the case of make-up application, the cooler colour effectively works to illiminate skin redness. How does it work? Applying a green corrector to blemishes, areas of the face affected by rosacea or even sunburn, ensures you neutralise the area before applying foundation. The result? Even skin tone! Try using a green pencil for small spots, a creme for cheeks and the forehead or a liquid for the eye area.

Orange-peach, as it's referred to by industry experts, is perfect for hiding dark spots on dark skin tones. Designed to lighten the pigmentation of the problem area, a cream on oily skin will work best, as will a liquid on dry skin. Here are the pots, pencils and palettes to try today...

The products featured here are all available at Sephora across the Middle East or for those based in the UAE, shop Now, discover which mascara works wonders on lashes.

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