Sister's Beauty Lounge

Sister's Beauty Lounge

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Sister's Beauty Lounge is arguably one of the best destinations in the Middle East for cutting-edge beauty treatments. Often the first to bring Europe and America's pioneering products and services to the region such as lash extensions 6 years ago and more recently Hi-Brows by UK company Lash Perfect - Buro 24/7 presents the services to book at Sister's as well as an interview with the founder, Sara Abdulrazak...

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The 3 Hour Monthly Visit

What? Hair 101

Who to ask for? Callena Sabir, Senior Hairdresser at Sister's The Dubai Mall will create a glossy colour, neat cut and chic blowdry for you in just 1.5 hours.

What? Hi-Brows and Lash makeover 

Who to ask for? Head Therapist Chloe Walsh will anaylse your eyebrows - measuring the corners of your eyes to decide what you need to do to make the most of your features; tweezing, waxing, threading and/or dying. A lash perm and tint will provide the icing on the cake, ensuring that you birthday suit face is picture perfect. 

Sara Abdulrazak

Sara Abdulrazak

What’s the Sister’s Beauty Lounge story?

Sara Abdulrazak | My mother saw a gap in the market almost a decade ago and felt the need to open a beauty salon in Jumeirah - when finding a good one was so hard. The success of opening a full option salon led me to join the business 7 years ago and expand on her original concept. It has been an amazing journey of delving into the beauty industry and watching it grow rapidly in this region.


In a city full of salons, what sets Sisters apart?

Sara Abdulrazak | Sisters prides itself in being in very good locations. We choose locations based on elevator/parking access, as well as the surrounding amenities. For example in Dubai, our flagship is naturally in the iconic Dubai Mall whereas in Abu Dhabi it is in a prestigious residential area. Dubai residents are very much mall-goers whereas Abu Dhabi residents spend time within their community.

Sisters is also a one-stop-shop to not only get all beauty maintenance under one roof but to also provide you with everything you would need to use at home for follow up the treatments. From shampoo to skincare to brushes to nail polish remover, you can find everything you need at Sisters. We also provide our guests with the ability to have multi-treatments done at the same time such as our Signature manicure, pedicure and blow-dry all done on one station. Perfect for time-pressed UAE women.

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If you could only have one beauty treatment for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Sara Abdulrazak | Blow-dries for sure, there is nothing better than a refreshing shampoo and hair treatment followed by a glossy blow-dry. It works for every occasion and you look instantly polished.

What do you love most about your work?

Sara Abdulrazak | That every day is completely different to the next, and the people that I work with. With almost 200 staff, every salon trip brings new ideas, brainstorming and amusing conversation from our international line up of staff! Not a boring day goes by in this line of work. It’s also a very positive industry to be in as it’s all about beautifying people and making them feel good.

Who is your beauty muse?

Sara Abdulrazak | Classic beauties are Elizabeth Taylor and Brooke Shields who were exotically stunning in their youth. Care Delavigne for now. You can tell I have an eyebrow obsession! There is nothing like naturally beautiful eyebrows on unique women like them.

What is Sisters most popular treatment?

Sara Abdulrazak | It’s hard to choose just one as we are known for so many. Clients rave about our precision Lycon waxing which has made hair removal so much better and our lash extensions, which we pioneered in the UAE 6 years ago. Our nail treatments are also consistent and popular with our clients. We don’t believe in soaking hands in open nail bowls and we have moved on to hygienic multifunctional, disposable gloves.

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What’s the best advice you have ever been given?

Sara Abdulrazak | A teacher once told me when I was very young that I was capable of great things and not to set the bar so low as I had positioned myself at the time. There are times in one’s life that you do feel that it’s all a struggle and even want to throw in the towel. When I remember her words, I take a time-out and really reflect on what I’m struggling on. Nine times out of 10, a solution always appears and it’s not the end of the world! Her little words of encouragement so many years ago are still something I think about.

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