Tried and Tested: The Red Carpet Facial at Biolite clinic in Dubai

Tried and Tested: The Red Carpet Facial at Biolite clinic in Dubai

The ultimate pick-me-up beauty treatment

Image: Biolite Dubai

Buro 24/7 Middle East covets the new and invigorating Red Carpet Facial, now available at the Biolite aesthetic clinic in Dubai

Dubai, a city known for its endless glamorous events and social gatherings means that are a lot of women who are looking for a discerning facialist. Buro 24/7 tests the latest treatment to address and fix the common concerns one is faced with when fatigue, stress and the environment leave skin looking less than red-carpet-ready.

Enter Dubai salon – Biolite – who have created the 'Red Carpet Facial', a new treatment that guarantees to firm the skin, create a sharp silhouette for the cheek and jaw and ensure a luminous "camera-ready" complexion.

To begin with the skin is deeply exfoliated with an enzyme peel, consisting of a quick skin resurfacing of dead skin cells that immediately polishes the skin and tightens pores.

The red carpet facial at Biolite Clinic

Radio frequency then firms the skin, contours the cheekbones and gives the jawline perfect photo definition. The radio frequency also instantly increases blood circulation, which makes skin appear instantly luminous and banishes dark circles.

This is followed by a stem cell serum infusion using chilled pure oxygen to get the skin cells moving and looking magnificently radiant for any red carpet event. Overall, your skin is rejuvenated, the treatment is a relaxing experience and the results last for around 48 hours.  

The red carpet facial at Biolite Clinic

The Red Carpet Facial is available at Biolite Dubai, find out more here.