St. Regis Dubai launches a signature scent

St. Regis Dubai launches a signature scent

Caroline's Four Hundred

Text: Shannon Wylie

Image: St. Regis

Inside the newly opened St. Regis Dubai comes a new olfactory experience. Buro 24/7 Middle East has the exclusive inside sneak peek...

W elcome to the St. Regis Dubai. The 234-guestroom, 52-suite hotel, which opened this December, is part of a consortium complex in the Emirates, aptly named Al Habtoor City. Already one of the most luxurious hotel brands in the world, the St. Regis Dubai now fronts the ever-expanding sky line, with it's classic fascade and breathtaking neo classic interiors.

St. Regis

Dreamy doorways, sweeping staircases, wooden furniture, palatial marble, statement wallpaper and a signature scent all add to the air of the hotel's angelic appeal. Now in a revisioning of the St. Regis' quintessential characteristics comes the hotel's first bespoke scented candle, Caroline's Four Hundred.

St Regis Candle

Named after Caroline Astor,  the matriarch of the hotel's founding family, the candle debuted in Dubai last week and Buro 24/7 Middle East was at an exclusive dinner, that brought together the molecular complexity of all 21 ingredients. The fragrant flowers were carried across into a gastronomic food experience to celebrate the olfactory scents of the candle. Chef Stephane Buchholzer, the Culinary Director at the St. Regis Dubai said the dinner was created to bring together, "Caroline's Four Hundred scent, through food, through taste, through a gastronomical experience."

The olfactory experience, which was hosted by former New York Times scent critic Chandler Burr, saw a series of raw materials being passed around and smelt before gourmet meals were platted and tasted.  "We have chosen raw gourmet materials, so everything you are going to smell will be inside Caroline's Four Hundred. I'm giving you an olfactory dinner."

St. Regis plate

Carlos Huber, the ARQUISTE Parfumeur and the creator of the candle explains: "Caroline was the New Yorker in the 1800s and she was famous for only inviting 400 people to her balls every year; she said they were the only 400 people that were really worth inviting. But some people said that it was actually the capacity of the ballroom, which was limited to 400."

It's a very interesting story. So when I was commissioned to create a scent for the St. Regis, I was very interested because there's a real history and a real heritage that I could work from.

"Caroline was a flower fanatic and really into botanicals so this was something that would have relevance for the St Regis," he continued. "It was also something that would be timeless and a monument, we're not talking about leather trunks that we used to travel with, we're not talking about the things that are long gone, we're talking about things from Dubai to Moscow and Rome to Mexico City, flowers are what you expect in a beautiful hotel like the St. Regis — beautiful bouquets, beautiful arrangements."

St. Regis

The Caroline Four Hundred candle is available at the St. Regis boutique.

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