Five of the best: Beauty Gadgets

Five of the best: Beauty Gadgets

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Beauty gadgets are making waves in the industry of late, in particular the magic electric skin cleansing brush, Clarisonic – of which the benefits cannot over estimated. Its fans are clearly increasing day by day too, with worldwide sales growing rapidly. Buro 24/7 delves into the world of beauty devices to see what else yet to be discovered:


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NuFace Trinity

A compact gadget for fighting wrinkles at home that operates on the principle of micro-currents. Simply press the button and adjust the rotation of the spheres. The latter, in turn, affect the soft facial muscles, stimulating circulation and smoothing the skin.


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GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device

If you are in search of a toothbrush more powerful than ever, the GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device, invented by a dentist Jonathan Levine, is for you. Complete with a special plate-kappa, which is attached to the teeth, and whitening gel. A slightly heated plate warms up during usage, and the device affects the enamel with a special blue tint, in order to achieve visible results. Dr. Levine recommends using the 10-day whitening procedure with a break of 3-5 days before you go again. 


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Bliss PORE-fector Gadget Kit

The Bliss PORE-fector Gadget Kit is a kind of vacuum cleaner for your skin. Those concerned about clogged pores, acne and inflammation, will appreciate the simple technology of sound vibrations that literally 'pulls' the dirt from every pore.


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Jonathan Beauty Water Purification System

The idea with this contraption is not to wash the face with simple tap water - but to use water perfected by the creators of the Jonathan Beauty Water Purification System. The gadget is easily mounted on the wall in the bathroom or shower and cleans out water contaminants that adversely affect the condition of the skin and hair.


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Goody QuickStyle Paddle Brush

Of course, the good old hairbrush is not really a 'gadget' - but in our humble opinion the cheerful Goody QuickStyle Paddle Brush is an exception. Making it no problem to comb wet hair with its microfiber bristles that absorb moisture and prevent tangling, it's technology all the same... And those who have tried it will vouch for the results.

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