First look: Chanel Le Beiges foundation

First look: Chanel Le Beiges foundation

The Natural Glow

Text: Chloe Allan

Image: Chanel

Chanel's newest foundation formula marks the comeback of eu natural notes in the beauty department...

Chanel's newest product to come out of their luxurious beauty range is Les Beiges, a foundation that transforms natural into a style, without the hours of application time. The product is designed free from complicated routines with a simple formula that leaves an undeniable and essential healthy glow, come Winter.

Taking the previous Chanel Healthy Glow Powder's success into account, Chanel have now taken the powders' best ingredients and created this easy-to-use foundation. Les Beiges concentrates on complexion with an enhancer that features the latest optical innovations. 

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The Chanel laboratories have spent time studying the specific characteristics of a natural healthy glow — titanium dioxide that absorbs rays of light, which reflect white components in the skin's surface and transmit their red components through skin for a radiant reflection. The result is a fresh and slightly rosy halo. This very unique mineral pigment is joined by carefully selected soft focus powders to even out and embellish the complexion with a sheer finish. The complexion is simply enhanced with the most natural and sophisticated technology and offers a complete palette of 14 shades.

First look: Chanel Le Beiges foundation (фото 2)

Chanel Le Beiges is available in all Chanel boutique's across the Middle East.