Discover Chanel's new skincare serum

Discover Chanel's new skincare serum

From the blue zone

Text: Meeran Mekkaoui

Editor: Shannon Wylie

Image: Chanel

Chanel have expanded their line of revolutionary beauty products with a new skincare launch. Here’s looking at Blue Serum…

Chanel continues to provide the must-have beauty products of the season with a new skincare launch, aptly titled Blue Serum. The serum is a lightweight, nourishing formula that aims to keep your skin looking firmer and healthier while preventing redness, wrinkles and tired looking skin. To create the game changer, Chanel Research has sourced three active ingredients from blue zones laying on the coasts of Sardinia, Costa Rica and Greece. These anti-aging ingredients include green coffee to help balance your complexion, olives to protect your skin and lentisk, to maintain your skin's natural properties.

Olives from Sardinia

Green coffee from Costa Rica

Lentisk from Greece

Chanel's Blue Serum is now available on Also, discover Chanel's new Spring/Summer '17 beauty collection, Coco Codes

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