Dior introduces new Rouge lipstick collection

Dior introduces new Rouge lipstick collection

True red

Image: Dior

Dior have just launched a new line of lipsticks, as worn by the brand's face of beauty, Natalie Portman. Discover the coveted collection now...

In 1953 Dior created their first lipstick, which was inspired by the Obelisk in Paris. Now, to pay tribute to the era, Natalie Portman and Dior venture back to Place de la Concorde to shoot the new shades of lipstick, aptly titled Dior Rouge.

In line with Christian Dior's rouge dresses, which have made an appearance on the runway since 1953, Peter Philips, the Creative and Image Director of Dior Makeup says: "I created this Rouge Dior collection so women can choose and change shades to express themselves." 

Dior Rouge

Philips then went on to talk about the four statement shades — red smile, 999 matte, miss and premiere — saying the matt and satin sticks form part of a "capsule range of extreme shades that reflect the excitement, boldness and avant-garde of a fashion shoot."

The Dior Rouge collection is available at beauty counters across the Middle East now. Now, discover the five must-wear lipstick shades of the season.

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