Chanel: Gisele Bündchen gives us a new N°5

Chanel: Gisele Bündchen gives us a new N°5

Three new limited-edition bottles

Text: Chloe Allan

Chanel's iconic N°5 perfume is re-visited and with that little touch of holiday sparkle thanks to supermodel Gisele Bündchen

Chanel perfume is a coveted scent the world over, the most sought-after being the iconic N°5 fragrance — a timeless and classic scent.

To celebrate the season ahead Chanel has introduced two new limited-edition perfect, parisian packages consisting of its iconic N°5 perfume. The beautiful bottles now come in a 35ml travel-friendly version so keeping the N°5 eau de parfum and eau premiere within reach at all times, is a cinch.


Chanel takes luxury to a whole new level this year, the legendary bottle also comes in a prestigious 900ml faceted crystal bottle, cut like a diamond and hand-sealed with a baudruche film. This exceptional creation is only available in a limited edition of 50 numbered bottles.

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Chanel Give me 5

Chanel Give Me 5 is available at all Chanel Boutiques across the Middle East.