Burberry beauty launches in the Middle East

Burberry beauty launches in the Middle East

"We're all about glowing skin"

As Burberry Beauty officially launches in the Middle East, Buro 24/7 spoke to the brand's international make-up artist Wendy Rowe on all things glowing skin...

"We're all about glowing skin," says Wendy Rowe, Burberry's lead make-up artist. The brand, which has a strong portfolio of profitable fashion and accessories in the Middle East has now opened its doors to beauty, with much buzz. 

The collection itself, "mirrors the trench," says Wendy before continuing on to say: "We're nude and it's a modern way of thinking about makeup." Along with the line, which is designed to be undetectable, comes a new colour palatte for the festive season. Nudes are punctuated with pops of red...

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Then there's also the new bronzed bases. "I've been doing sculpturing backstage for years, it's all about light and shadow. Then for a smokey eye it's best to create a veil, not a black hole."

Burberry AW15 Collection

Along with the mainline make-up collection comes a new addition to the brand: "The contour stick, which has been five years in the making! It's so undetectable that it creates a shadow that looks natural. I've had celebrities try and steal that from me. Cara Delevingne kept saying: 'Can you give me that?' I gave Sienna Miller one and she said: 'I've even used it on my lips!'

Burberry contour stick

 Along with the make-up comes the My Burberry fragrance...

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Burberry Beauty is available in the Burberry boutique, Mall of the Emirates.