Beauty blitz: Yasmin Sewell

Beauty blitz: Yasmin Sewell

The fashion entrepreneur and consultant shares her secrets

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Image: Lucense by In Fiore
Image: Dominique Ropion - Portrait of a Lady
Image: Yasmin Sewell
Image: Yasmin Sewell
Image: Yasmin Sewell

Which are your favourite beauty brands?

For skincare, I love the serum by In Fiore, plus the entire vitamin and mineral line Cell Food  by  Elemental Herbology, for moisturiser it's got to be the Collagen Aqua Plus Moisturiser by Dr. Spiller, Vaishaly's Balm Cleanser and Lucas' Pawpaw Ointment for lipbalm. For make-up I like Nars, Chanel and Bobbi Brown. I love red lipstick – the best shade is L103 at  Ellis Faas.

Lucense - In Fiore

How do you take care of yourself?
For starters, I drink a lot of water. I believe that it to be the first step of moisturising and drinking is the easiest way to keep skin in perfect condition. At night I make sure I wash off all my make-up and put on my favourite skin serum by In Fiore based on plant extracts.

Do you have a favourite fragrance?
For the past 13 years I have been using fragrances by Frederic Malle. My favourite is 'Portrait of a Lady'. Incidentally, I took part in its launch just 13 years ago, which was nice. I love how smells and scents can transport you, they are very nostalgic. I tend to keep old bottles – which act like archives of my memories, even if not the most pleasant.

Frederic Malle - Portrait of a Lady

What is your favourite beauty treatment?
I get a Keratin treatment for my curly hair. My favourite stylist is Jim Salak. We've known each other for 20 years, and I regularly go to see him at his eponymous salon in London.

Your beauty related pet hate?
Too much make-up. It can look like a mask.

And the beauty must do?
Regular moisturising. Inside and out.

How do you keep fit?
I can't boast of a being a gym bunny, but I do indulge in yoga and meditation. To me, fitness is more a way of life – not just a struggle for the perfect body, and yoga is best suited to me. If I'm going to go for a vacation I make sure I visit the aerobic workout at the club BOOM! Cycle (I like the training in a special dark room with music).

Your beauty icon?
This question always puzzles me. I think the most beautiful people are happy people.

Yasmin Sewell

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