Aesop unveils the all-new 'Marrakech Intense' fragrance

Aesop unveils the all-new 'Marrakech Intense' fragrance

Moroccan trade

Tweaking its original 2005 Marrakech scent, Aesop reveals its newest scented addition, the Marrakech Intense Fragrance

Created as a collaboration with famed French perfumer Barnabé Fillion,  Aesop's sweet-smelling intentions were to develop a variation of the original theme, remaining true to its original inspirations of the sights, smells and culture of Marrakech, Morocco.

A re-birth of a classic fragrance, Aesop's latest perfume  which will be hitting shelves this September  includes notes of bergamot, cloves, cardamom, neroli, jasmine, rose and cedar. 



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