The Sunrise Kempinski Hotel is ready to open its doors in Beijing

The Sunrise Kempinski Hotel is ready to open its doors in Beijing

Situated on the shores of Yanqi Lake

One hour outside of Beijing on the crystal shores of Yanqi Lake, the Sunrise Kempenski hotel aims to offer guests a relaxing break away from the city with a it's luxury resort amenities

Designed by Shanghai Huadu Architect Design Company, the eye-catching, lavish hotel stands 97 metres high and has 21 floors filled with 306 guestrooms and suites, meeting rooms, recreational and fitness facilities and a range of restaurants.

Inspired by the shape of the sun emerging above the horizon, the structure is shaped like a scallop  which is also a symbol that represents fortune in Chinese culture. The building reflects the sky's ever-changing colours with its façade mirroring the surrounding mountain range and water's surface. With the interior design created by by U.S-based DiLeonardo Design.

"We had an international team of designers because we needed a critical view from people outside of China to give their opinion on modern contemporary Chinese architectural design and to enable us to broaden our ideas on how we can use our design to showcase the Chinese culture to the world," said chief designer Zhang Hai Ao in a statement.

The Sunrise Kempinski Hotel  which will open this November  took 24 months to build with help from more than 9,300 construction workers, and is set to attract global attention once it opens. 

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