A great escape: The Encanto Hotel

A great escape: The Encanto Hotel

Going local down in Acapulco

Editor: Elle Timms

Image: The Encanto Hotel

A hidden gem is nestled amongst a densely vegetated hilltop in Acapluco, Mexico

Built using basic materials and purely local labour, the design of The Encanto Hotel captures a strong sense of traditional Spanish style with the smooth white walls and minimal fuss.

The Encanto Hotel

Located on the highest Brisas Marqués point – where the Pacific Ocean meets the port of El Encanto, the space offers guests peace, tranquillity and privacy – with architecture that results in a perfect meeting point between light and nature, plus some design features that get the senses going, too.

The Encanto Hotel

This is true especially at night when the hotel takes on an almost entirely different look solely through the use of colour. Because the structure is composed of layers, coloured surrounding lights dramatically change its external appearance every night.

The Encanto Hotel

Each area around the building possess a particular view of the ocean and you feel that the building can take on any reflection or hue, and so a very tropical vibe is brought to life in the darkness.

Rooms at The Encanto Hotel vary from Ocean Suite Balconies to Pool Villas and Corner Suites and a selection of water sports, pool, golf, gym, private beach and spa are available to guests.

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