Not all addictions are bad, take for example the condition of being addicted to the 32 luxury resorts by Aman, it even has a name – Aman-junkie. Aman-junkie's could possibly be the happiest, healthiest and most relaxed addicts out there. In acknowledgement of the more-ish lure its resorts can have after a visit, Aman has partnered with Ampersand Travel to introduce a £220,000 per-person package for an entire year of travelling the world, staying in Aman resorts. 

With 32 properties across 19 different countries, consisting of 12 beachfront resorts eight mountain resorts and seven city destinations, the options are all so inviting that picking a starting point could prove difficult. Worry not, because the year of travel has been meticulously planned by the experts at Ampersand Travel, who have designed a travel itinerary that takes all the stress out of planning and ensures that visitors arrive for the best season at each location (unfortunatley they won't be able to pack for you).

Aman Resorts launch £220k 365-day package

The suggested route begins in March in Bhutan, where there are three properties. Once all three have been duly luxuriated in, the journey continues to Phuket for a stay at the original Aman – Amanpuri. From the original to the neatest, Aman Tokyo is next on the agenda. Asia will begin to feel like home as the five resorts in Indonesia together with locations in Vietnam, Sri Lanka and the Philippines make for a thorough exploration of the far east. 

Other stops around Europe, North Africa and the Caribbean, will make this one of the best around the world trips one could hope for. And if the proposed itinerary doesn't suit you, or you have commitments for the major holidays of the year, a series of 90 day trips can be tailored to fit anyone's plans for the year. 


The package is now available through Ampersand Travel; rates include B&B accommodation (or full board in select properties), business-class flights where applicable, transfers and a complimentary spa treatment and special experience at each property