When tech meets art: Samsung x Yves Béhar present The Frame

When tech meets art: Samsung x Yves Béhar present The Frame

More than just a television

Text: Faizal Dahlawia

Image: Samsung
Image: Fuseproject

Not content with the large and the curved, Samsung has now injected artistic direction into its new television.

Korean tech giant Samsung has unveiled The Frame, a new lifestyle-centric television that fuses state-of-the-art technology with contemporary living. Created in partnership with Swiss designer Yves Béhar and his studio Fuseproject, The Frame – designed to look like the ubiquitous picture frame – switches into 'Art Mode' when not in use, displaying an image of a coveted art piece of your choice.

In an Instagram post, Fuseproject said, "For 20+ hours a day, your TV is just a black box taking up valuable space on your wall. But what if, instead, it became your personal art collection – a UHD digital display with exclusive works curated from world-renowned artists? We worked with Samsung to create The Frame – the first TV that truly becomes part of your home and lifestyle."

Samsung The Frame

The Frame is equipped with 100 digital images of masterpieces from 38 celebrated artists –think Luisa Lambri, Barry McGee and Todd Eberle – across 10 genres and with Samsung's new invisible connection and no gap wall-mount, the art cum entertainment set can be placed anywhere without visible wires.

The Frame will be available in Spring 2017. For more information, visit fuseproject.comAlso, take a look at the new Qatari travel app Jawlah.  

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