With over 600 million users, Whatsapp have now finally released a desktop version, which will also users to chat via their personal computers. For the meantime, the desktop version is a web-based client – accessible via web.whatsapp.com. To use the new service, you are asked to scan a QR code from the Whatsapp app on your smartphone.

However, unfortunately for Apple iPhone users the technology is currently unavailable, as “Apple platform limitations” (according to Whatsapp) mean that the sign up process is not compatible with iOS.

The Whatsapp desktop client currently works for Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and Nokia S60 users and rather curiously it seems to be live-connected to your phone – as when your battery dies on your smartphone, the web client also closes. 

At present there is no news as to when – if ever – the service will open up to iOS users.