The Typo2 for the iPhone 6 is touted as the solution for any of those times you wished your iPhone was a BlackBerry. Partly the brainchild of Ryan Seacrest, notoriously the busiest man in showbiz and also famous for carrying around two phones at all times, a BlackBerry and an iPhone

The keyboard slides on to the phone much like the charging battery-pack covers do, and connects via bluetooth in a simple one click connection. The pack leaves a gap for access to the earphone and charging ports and holds a battery life of about a week, so you don't have to worry about charging it all the time. The keyboard allows users to type while freeing up valuable screen real-estate as well as using defined keys to type. 

The obvious drawback is that the home button and touch ID functions are defunct as a result of the keyboard encasing the bottom of the phone, a deal breaker for some. And with the already larger phone, this additional inch or two can become prohibitively big, we will be looking out for the conspicuous phone in Seacrest's tailored trouser pockets the next time he is live on the red carpet