Hipster click: This camera won't let you to take a cliche photo

Hipster click: This camera won't let you to take a cliche photo

Meet the Camera Restricta

Editor: Fleur Beach

Discover how the new – Camera Restricta – is shaking up amateur photography and keeping users on their creative feet…

The Eiffel Tower, Lady Liberty, Big Ben, Burj Khalifa, just some of the most frequently photographed tourist hotspots, but now, thanks to German designer Phillipp Schmitt, those holiday snaps will be complete one offs...

Meet the new Camera Restricta, the camera that literally refuses to take repeat photographs. Through the use of GPS, the camera finds geo-tags of photographs taken at any given location and can retract its lens in protest of your unoriginal photo proposition.

"Algorithms are already looking through the viewfinder alongside with you: they adjust settings, scan faces and take a photo when you smile. What if your grin wasn't the only thing they cared about?" Explains Schmitt. "Of course you can't judge uniqueness of a photo just by counting the geotags nearby. Still, it might be a good indicator for the potential of taking a special photo at a place [...] The camera scans an area of roughly 35x35 meters around its exact location for geotagged photos. Cities and especially tourist sights are so thoroughly photographed that it often finds dozens or even thousands of photos."

This camera won't allow you to take a cliche photo

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