Influencers take note: Law cracks down on misleading endorsements

Influencers take note: Law cracks down on misleading endorsements

No more deceptions

Text: Faizal Dahlawia

Image: Instagram

With an explosion of social media influencers touting brands, the authorities are starting to clamp down on unethical marketing. Here's how it could affect you...

The Federeal Trade Commission in the US is planning a crackdown on unethical marketing strategies on social media. The move comes following an increase in the number of paid-to-post influencers, who are using carefully placed disclaimers or a discreet hashtag on posts. These posts are now being viewed as misleading to consumers, who are buying into clearly concealed advertisements, as opposed to a legitimate product review or endorsement. The law is also extending to video (here's looking at you Snapchat), which states that the nature of the sponsored post must be clearly displayed or relayed in spoken words.

In a statement to Bloomberg, Michael Ostheimer, an officer in the US Federeal Trade Commission's Ad Practices Division, said, "We've been interested in deceptive endorsements for decades and this is a new way in which they are appearing. We believe consumers put stock in endorsements and we want to make sure they are not being deceived."

While the effect is yet to take place within the Middle East, discover the top list of Instagram influencers you need to follow now.

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