Doha's reputation for being a tourist hotspot continues to grow, and so too does their technologically savvy services: introducing Jawlah. Meaning 'journey' in Arabic, Jawlah is part of Qatar's 2030 vision to bring awareness to economic, social, human and environmental developments – complete with all of the must-see sights of the country.

More than just a listing of places, Jawlah uniquely tailors your travel plans with a quick tap of two buttons: modern and traditional. Modern brings up a list of malls and museums, while the traditional route offers a peek at forts and souqs. In addition, the app also offers recommendations on tour operators, optimal timings for visits as well as a comments section for visitors to share their thoughts and experiences on a particular sight or place.

Tech talk: Experience Qatar from your mobile with Jawlah

Jawlah is available for download now on the Apple app store and it will soon be rolled out on Google Play as well.