Wearables are the look du jour and Gemio's new techy friendship bracelets are the latest obsession. In an age where technology is keeping us connected and disconnected — all at the same time — these bracelets let you interact with friends, whenever, wherever.

The bracelets, which are lined with glittering gems that glow, communicate with another bracelets when they are within the pairing range, be it indoors or out. The bracelets, which share data through the phone app MyGemio, allows users to assign different lighting effects to signal certain actions like handshakes or high fives. If you and your BFF have a secret code, you can even set the lighting signal to display your message.

Not only are the lighting effects customisable but the bracelet itself is too. You can choose different gems, different placements and basically create your own piece of bespoke jewellery.

The Gemio gadget bracelets are expected to retail for Dhs220 and Dhs370 and they can be pre-ordered through the Gemio website from November.