Presenting Wain Waleed, Arabia's answer to Pokemon Go

Presenting Wain Waleed, Arabia's answer to Pokemon Go

Where's Waleed?

Text: Faizal Dahlawia

Image: Wain Waleed

The Middle Eastern version of the Pokemon Go game is now out and it involves much-loved characters from the Halla Walla family. Play it now...

After the launch of their Halla Walla emoji app, digital entrepreneurs Yasmine Rasool and Eriko Varkey have launched Wain Waleed, the first Arab-centric augmented reality game. An extension of the Halla Walla app, Wain Waleed, which translates to "Where's Waleed?", follows a similar design to the popular worldwide game Pokemon Go, where players try and find characters and items which have been digitally placed within their natural surroundings. To heighten game engagement and player interaction, the creators have also included prizes for players.

Wain Waleed

Wain Waleed is now available for download from the App Store. Also, download the new Qatari travel app, Jawlah.

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