New brand Christophe & Co. has teamed up with Pininfarina to create one of the first real pieces of luxury wearable tech we've seen go to market. Created for men, the Christophe & Co. Armill is not a watch, but a smart-bracelet made of the finest components with in-built 'upgradable' tech features. 

Each Christophe & Co. Armill will be produced in Britain, and with the esteemed design expertise of Pininfarina, who are most known for their Ferrari car designs, and the final result is every bit as luxurious as it promises to be. 

Constructed with a carbon fibre inner frame, layered with a range of materials from 18k gold to high-tech ceramic, as well as precious stones on top.  Small rotors have been incorporated into the bracelet that charge their batteries like automatic or auto-quartz watches generate power via the motion of one's wrist, meaning that active users may never need to recharge the battery ever, but even those who use it semi-regularly can enjoy at least a year of battery life. 

The purchase of the bracelet comes with a high level 24-hour concierge service and the company are very keen to customise, engrave and adapt gem stones and precious materials, to produce a highly personalised jewellery device for each of the 425 limited edition creations. 

The technology details are only vaguely defined at this stage as Christophe & Co assert that on top of the pre-existing bluetooth technology, which links with a smartphone app, the tech is fully upgradable as technological developments improve:

"In addition to the marvel of engineering found in the jewellery piece itself, we offer a cutting edge embedded hardware module as an option. This module is fully upgradable as technology advances and employs ultra-low power NFC and Bluetooth LE communication technologies in conjunction with a ground breaking kinetic energy generation system to recharge the battery using the natural motion of the user's arm."

The debut Christophe & Co. Armill models include the starting model 'Virtus', of which only 300 limited edition units will be created, priced at $75,000. The next level design with 100 created is the 'Orion' model, priced at $93,000, and finally just 25 pieces of the high end 'Apollo' device priced at $149,000. 

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