The Neiman Marcus Innovation Lab, known as the 'iLab' has been expanding and focussing on new innovative ways to enhance the shopping experience for the store's customers. Buro 24/7 took a closer look at the ideas and prototypes that have been tested by the iLab recently, and can now report the launch of the interactive retail table project in three major Neiman Marcus locations; Austin, Chicago and Topanga.

Displayed in each store's shoe salon, these concept touch screen tables with their smooth rounded edges have a flush, clean-cut Ultra HD 4K touchscreen that features a single, continuous pane of glass that changes to fit in with Neiman Marcus' colour scheme.

Neiman Marcus Integrates Interactive Tables for Unbridled Selection

"The iLab built a solution that marries form and function. The result is easy to use, leverages state of the art technology, and provides clients and associates with unbridled access to product," explains Scott Emmons, Neiman Marcus' Enterprise Architect and iLab Manager.

The table allows shoppers to browse the entire inventory, which can fill in the gaps of items that may not physically be on display, by drawing on the whole Neiman Marcus network, including the online store and inventory from neighbouring stores. 

The table also includes a wish list function which sends shoppers emails with links of items they have been browsing and have added, if they would like to go home and make a purchase online after visiting the store.  The 'coming-soon' function assists sales staff by bringing them the latest information about new collections that will hit stores soon, enabling them to bring a new level of possibilities to shoppers. 

Neiman Marcus Integrates Interactive Tables for Unbridled Selection

The smart concept is currently only available in the shoe salons but if proven to be as successful as expected, it could expand to other departments. In-store tech is an area that is gaining a lot of momentum at the moment, as digital and physical shopping are beginning to fuse more and more. We have our eye on the iLab and will bring you all the latest developments as they happen...