We've had technology at the flick of a wrist, ever since the smartwatch first came to be, and many more have cropped up around it. However, the folks at Mota (who have also developed a smartwatch of their own) bring you the SmartRing. The jewellery device that shows you notifications discreetly on the inside of your finger, without anyone noticing. It links with your smartphone via Bluetooth LE connectivity, and displays alerts discreetly on the LED screen of the ring, after sending a discreet vibration to your finger to let you know there is new information waiting for you.  

Whilst the SmartRing enables people to stay completely up to date with alerts, and messages, its focus, is conversely, to allow for a little liberation from smartphone devices. By getting alerts on the SmartRing, users don't have to continually take their phones out of their pockets and bags and be glued to their screens all the time. Instead a quick glance at the small hand-worn LED screen will let you know if anything urgent needs to be addressed, otherwise, you can get on with your daily activities. 


The SmartRing is compatible with Android and iOS devices and will be available in stores from June 2015 for $100