Hacker group, 'Lizard Squad', alleged to be affiliated with the terrorist group that calls itself 'ISIS', has claimed responsibility for the Facebook and Instagram shutdown today. Users of both sites found they were lockout out for more than 40 minutes earlier this morning. 

Facebook, speaking for both itself and Instagram, issued a statement saying, "Sorry, something went wrong. We're working on it and we'll get it fixed as soon as we can," according to Reuters.

A number of memes have appeared regarding the cyber attack, and Facebook rivals such as Myspace and Twitter took the opportunity to capitalise on the situation. 

A map has been released which shows the origins of the alleged DDOS (a kind of denial of service) attack worldwide, highlighting the US, Russia, Taiwan and the Netherlands as key targets. The attacks are said to have come from within the US, China and the Netherlands. 

Lizard Squad also claimed responsibility for a hack on the Malaysian Airlines website, although it is not yet clear what the motivation was behind the attack. In boasting tweets about the recent hacks, the group warn of more to come including an 'email dump'.

Lizard Squad claims responsibility for today's Instagram and Facebook blackout