A visionary developer, named Tomas Moyano, has revealed designs for 'Lightmac' – the conceptual, ultra portable, combination of a tablet fused with a desktop, powered by a projector. Moyano's futuristic concept could become a reality as soon as 2025, although we can't say whether Apple has taken note of the idea just yet. 

The design plays with the idea of being able to carry the power of a desktop; which the core i9 processor central component that has 16 GB of RAM and 24 hour battery life covers, with the compact portability of a tablet; external modules and a wireless keyboard and a projector display that can be-sized, tick that box. The device also syncs with Bluetooth 6.0. 

Its an ambitious and impressive concept that shines light on the possible future of computing. We look forward to learning more from this innovative developer.