One of the only things that tech enthusiasts have agreed about the soon-to-be-revealed iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus is that it will likely have the Force Touch feature. Now 9to5Mac reports that "the Force Touch feature in the new iPhones will actually be a next-generation version of the technology. According to sources familiar with the new iPhones, the new pressure-sensitive screen will likely be called the '3D Touch Display.'"

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Apple's Force Touch tech is currently being used in its Apple Watch and its MacBook, and the report adds that for the new iPhone 6s it will be somewhat different: "While the MacBook trackpads and Apple Watch sense two levels of pressure, the differentiation between a tap and a press, the new iPhones will actually sense three levels of pressure: a tap, a press, and a deeper press, according to sources. The 3D Touch name is therefore derived from the new Force Touch sensor’s ability to sense three dimensions of pressure, rather than two. This opens up the door to new user-interface tricks, such as shortcut gestures across the iPhone 6s version of iOS 9."

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