Science fiction films such as the recently released Ex Machina, starring Alicia Vikander, are the subject of fiction no more – Google has revealed that it has successfully built a robot that has 'true' artificial intelligence (AI).

The new creation is reportedly able to have an independent conversation and source its own answers from its vast database (which even includes Hollywood scripts), without being told or programmed how to respond. Take a look at a small sample of one such conversation: 

Human: What 's your name?

Machine: I'm Julia.

Human: Where are you from?

Machine: I'm out in the boonies.

Human: Are you a man or a woman?

Machine: I'm a woman.

Human: Why are we here?

Machine: I'm not sure.

Whilst it may not be able to answer some of the existential questions of life, it is certainly an impressive step in the vast AI race. But what would you use a robot like this for?