Mark Zuckerberg has once again exhibited his visionary thinking by announcing Facebook's plans to launch a series of drones that will one day beam Internet access to everyone on the planet. Last week's F8 conference brought the revelation that test flights for 'Aquila,' aptly named after the mythological eagle who carried Zeus's thunderbolts, will begin this summer. 

The V-shaped drone design has a vast wingspan that matches that of a Boeing 767 commercial jet but weighs less than a small hatchback car and can stay airborne at 60,000 feet for up to three months at a time thanks to its solar powered energy. Internet access will be delivered to remote parts of the world via lasers, according to the ambitions plans. 

Mark Zuckerberg has made no secret of the fact that he wants to connect everyone on earth through his social network platform, and with an estimated five billion people on the planet yet to connect to Facebook, he still has some way to go. This drone plan, which eventually could see up to 1,000 drones in the skies, is a key part of that vision of connecting people. Whilst the first drone, made by the drone company, Ascenta, that was tellingly acquired by Facebook last year, has been designed and built, it could still be a matter of years before the laser-beam drones are put into global action.