Smartwatches are big buzz on the tech scene, creating fun gadgets for wearable fans, but South Korean design company, Dot Incorporated, has found a way to make the technology serve a higher purpose – meet the Dot Braille Smartwatch; a wearable for the visually impaired.

Dot Incorporated saw the need for a sleek, highly functional smartwatch that can enhance the daily lives of those with diminished sight. The wearable device not only tells the time, but acts as an alarm, messenger service, navigator, e-book reader and it can even help to teach braille. 

Four cells of six active dots can display four braille characters at once, and its current battery life of ten hours will help it last for the best part of a working day. The Dot Braille Smartwatch is set to retail for just under $300 USD, and pre-orders will open at the end of this year. 

Dot Braille Smartwatch