Get ready to say more with emojis as Halla Walla, the first comprehensive Arabic lifestyle emoji app that will be launched this month. Inspired by the unique phrases and mannerisms that the region is known for, the emojis are primarily depicted through four Khaleeji characters: Ahmed, Shaikha, Lulu and Waleed.

"Arabs have such a rich culture, but no emoticon to express online," said Eriko Varkey, Co-Founder of Halla Walla. "In any situation, we use hand gestures, which are laden with emotion. So, to express that stress to hurry up when you are waiting hours for your friend to meet you at the coffee shop – what better way than by screaming Yalla! Hence the reason why Halla Walla was born."

Discover the new Halla Walla emojis now...

Halla Walla, which includes emojis, stickers and gifs, will be available on both the iOS and Android devices from February 22. Also, take a look at the new emojis by Farfetch.