Technology giant Apple has released four new videos highlighting the impressive features of its first wearable – the Apple Watch. A welcome video introduces its "most personal device yet", exploring the ways in which the Apple Watch works seamlessly with the iPhone. A second video highlights the device's messaging functions, showcasing how the Apple Watch will "tap you" when you receive a message, allowing the user to subtly check messages simply by raising a wrist, and lowering the wrist to dismiss it.  

The third video showcases the personalisations available to Apple Watch via its changing faces, which can be customised according to the user's preferences. Disney's Mickey Mouse is shown as a cute watch hand option, whilst modern faces with the 'Astrology' and 'Utility' settings are also showcased. The final and fourth video demonstrates the Apple Watch's digital touch capabilities, a 'Friend' feature which shows the people you connect with most simply by pressing the right-hand button, and the fun 'Digital Touch' element is also highlighted – which allows Apple Watch users to send friends with the wearable a custom sketch or a bespoke tap pattern. Take a closer look via the four videos below: