Following the news that it might be creating an electric car and that it has hired one of the music industry's most respected DJs, Zane Lowe, for its iTunes Radio, Apple is back in the news this morning following a recent patent award by the USPTO.

The new patent is for a head-mounted virtual reality set, which was actually originally applied for back in 2008. This means that although there are similarities between Apple's new proposed device and the likes of Google Cardboard and Samsung's Gear VR, the tech giant were actually ahead of their competitors in developing the technology. 

The iPhone will work in harmony with Apple's new virtual reality (VR) proposal, and will be mounted into the headset and used as the VR screen. The new patent also reveals that Apple have a series of accessories in the works to complement its VR set – including a plethora of hardware options that could be built into the device, spare batteries, onboard memory, a cooling system, and a remote control.