Chanel celebrates the Rugby World Cup

Chanel celebrates the Rugby World Cup

Four designer rugby balls commemorate the event

Editor: Faizal Dahlawia

The fashion house fixes its sight on sport to create these special edition catches

Sport has given fashion a competitive edge (sportswear is perhaps the most influential trend to hit consumer culture in the past decade) but what has fashion given sport? Karl Lagerfeld sums it up like the couture coach that he is: "Today sport is an attitude and no longer necessarily a discipline... What can fashion give sport? Better made and better cut clothes." With that, he has successfully injected fields afar with stylish gear.

More recently however, the fashion house has designed a set of special edition rugby balls to celebrate the World Cup. This is the second time in the space of a few years that Chanel has produced such prized pieces and we for one are running in for the catch. Originally made from rubber, this current crop is made of leather and includes the brand's signature quilted design. They also come in four colours: white, burgundy, navy blue and black.

While these designer pieces would be more at home on the mantelpiece rather than on the field, take at look at the other chic collectables Chanel has created...