Nike has just released a Middle Eastern-focused video titled "What Will They Say About You?" The inspirational project, which puts the spotlight on the changing social and cultural outlook on women, stars five regional women who have broken traditional barriers – Emirati figure skater Zahra Lari, Jordanian boxer Arifa Bseiso, Emirati singer Balquees Fathi, Tunisian fencer Ines Boubakri and Emirati Parkour trainer Amal Murad.

Speaking about the short film, Lari says: "I've had a lot of criticism throughout my journey, but I've never let that stop me or bring me down. People should know that Emirati athletes are strong. We're confident women who know what we want to do, and we work very hard to accomplish what needs to be accomplished." That confident attitude is shared by compatriot Fathi who says: "When my parents were worried about how I would be perceived as a singer, I told them, 'be patient and watch – I might just actually change what other people say'."

Discover the short film now above (click 'cc' to enable English subtitles), then watch the new Nike x Apple Watch series featuring Kevin Hart.