Bentley has launched its own line of exclusive golf clubs. Designed to offer a bespoke sporting option, the new Bentley sets are the epitome of luxury. Not to mention they can be customised, from the leather grips to match your Bentley's interior to a custom-made shaft.

For those who seek the ultimate in golfing luxury, as well as performance, the Bentley experience comes complete with a tour of their factory followed by a flight to Japan to visit the Seven Wonders Laboratories. Here, the makers of Japanese satellites will use the same materials to tailor-make your golf club. The result is a one-of-a-kind stick that is created to maximise your potential for that added competitive edge.

The Bentley golf clubs are priced between Dhs18,00o-Dhs2,500 per club for the standard version, while the fully customised clubs can reach Dhs440,000. For more information, visit Bentley Golf.