Vivienne Westwood is as well known for her support of environmental causes as she is for her fashion designs. After using her Paris Fashion Week runway as a platform to make a public appeal for those in the UK to take part in the 'Time for Change' climate change initiative, and defending her annual donations to the Green Party in her tax audit, Westwood has taken part in an anti-fracking demonstration. 

The designer posed for pictures cradling a 'fracked baby of the future', which was covered in blood stains and missing limbs, designed to draw attention to the dangers of the government hydraulic fracturing process that is taking place in parts of the UK to release suspected gas reserves underground. 

"I'm trying to get across to people the danger we're in. We have to stop the destruction." Westwood said whilst standing in front of a mock election billboard captioned "Let's stay on the road to a fracked future", which relates to the impending May 7 general election in the UK.