The park is set to be the first of its kind, although the craze is expected to take off around the world as the technology becomes more readily available. Each room at The Void can accommodate up to ten players who could work as a team to survive different worlds or fight against each other to try to become the sole survivor. 

The man behind the new kind of theme park is the former cybersecurity business owner, Ken Bretschneider, who plans to form partnerships with other gaming studios to create bespoke gaming experiences for visitors to The Void. His plan is to keep a high rotation of games that changes every three months, to keep players interested and coming back for new experiences. 

"There isn't any way to be able to go out and create the full potential of virtual reality in the home market," Bretschneider said. "It became really apparent to me that we needed to build a facility where people could come to and not have to worry about hooking up virtual reality, making it work and trying to run around inside their house."

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