We've heard of personalising credit cards with images but Al Hilal Bank, based in the UAE, has released the country's first ever scented credit card, an entirely new way to individualise credit cards. 

The Laha Al Hilal card is designed for the bank's female customers and it comes with a built-in app that absorbs the scent of any perfume. For those that are looking for a new scent as well as a new card, Al Hilal has collaborated with Hind Al Oud Arabic perfumeries, to create a bespoke fragrance called Laha Al Hilal Perfume, which comes with the card.

"Our Laha Al Hilal Card celebrates the beauty, strength, vision, passion and character of women and encourages them to dream big and achieve even bigger,” said the bank’s executive vice president and head of personal banking group, Mohammed Zaqout.

We look forward to hearing news of the bank releasing a fragranced card for men in celebration of their beauty and character too… 

What do you think? Would you use a scented credit card? Or is this female marketing gone whiffy?