Nineties kids will recall a certain Nokia mobile game called 'Snakes' – a simple but addictive game involving a pixelated 'snake' and some 'food'. Now, the retro game has been given new life in London, as King's Cross has unveiled an ambitious new version.

Using a new app called 'Granary Squirt', visitors to the water fountains at King's Cross Granary Square can play 'Snakes' on a mammoth scale. Fans can download the app, and using the local 'The Cloud' WiFi can go head-to-head with up to seven other players. 

A spokesperson for the King's Cross development said: "This takes the idea of playing with the fountains at Granary Square to a whole new level."

The game launched this week and is open to the general public daily from 5–8pm. Take a closer look via the video above.