Launching this year, the Quadrofoil falls into two categories, eco-friendly and luxury. The unique design consists of a twin-seat watercraft using C-foil technology – a wing-like structure attached to the hull – and an innovative buoyancy element to lift it completely out of the water, similar to flying across water.

The fun you experience will also be completely guilt-free as the Quadrofoil – which starts from 15,000 – boasts an all-electric outboard motor and special steering system (no oil spills).

New boat thing

In addition, the two-seater watercraft has a technologically advanced steering wheel, which features a touchscreen display, the battery power, range, speed (with it able to cruise at 40 km/h) and consumption. 

So, if you are looking to have some fun on the water and in air, the higher spec Q2S limited edition Quadrofoil and regular Q2A Electric version is now available to order and ships in March.

New boat thing

Take a look at how the Quadrofoil works below: