Take a look at the Passport Index, a fascinating interactive website that displays passports from all recognised countries in the world, in a variety of different lists. You can see lists based on colour, country or ranking.

Using international data the Passport Index is able to assemble the 'Passport Power Rank' putting passports in order of most 'powerful.' A powerful passport is classed as one that allows the most freedom of international travel without having to obtain tedious visas, or simply being able to obtain a visa on arrival. 

Each country that can be entered without a visa, goes towards a passport's 'visa free score' the higher the score, the higher the passport's ranking. Taking the joint top spot are the UK and US. Take a look at the top ten positions in the Passport Power Rank below:

Passport Power Rank:

1. UK, U.S.A.

2. South Korea, Germany, France

3. Sweden, Italy

4. Denmark, Singapore, Finland, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands

5. Switzerland

6. Norway, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Portugal

7. Canada, Greece, Austria, Malaysia

8. New Zealand

9. Czech Republic, Australia, Hungary

10. Poland, Slovakia

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