Microsoft is urging us to take time away from the 9–5 grind and read its new special edition newspaperThe Five To Nine. The paper has been created in partnership with Protein, and will comprise five free limited editions during the week June 22 – 26. 

The Five To Nine is intended to "inspire commuters to achieve more," and make the most out of life. Each of the five editions will be curated and edited by a different team, to bring a new perspective, including; Protein, Boiler Room, Schön!, Grafik, and The Green Soccer Journal.

"Recent research suggests that as people work longer hours, they are not able to spend time doing things they are passionate about," says Microsoft. "Nearly half (46%) of UK employees spent the May bank holiday working, with nearly two thirds (60%) of those who did so going into the office inspite of mobile technology which makes remote working easier. 58% of those who use smartphones for work confess that they don't use them to their full potential, undermining their productivity."