Must see: Lexus debut another look at its hoverboard

With pro skater Ross McGouran

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“I’m starting all over again from the beginning … There’s no friction underneath you at all and I’m forgetting what I’m actually doing — floating on air.” – Ross McGouran

Last month Lexus announced that it had created a hoverboard, releasing a video of the futuristic tech which quickly went viral (and has racked up over seven million views and counting to date.) Now the luxury car manufacturer has debuted a second look at its awe-inspiring new gadget – drafting in pro skater Ross McGouran to test the hoverboard.

The new video clip shows the hoverboard hovering above the ground, powered by what Lexus calls "liquid nitrogen-cooled superconductors and permanent magnets" to create magnetic levitation.  

McGouran describes using the hoverboard as feeling like "I'm starting all over again from the beginning ... There's no friction underneath you at all and I'm forgetting what I'm actually doing – floating on air." 

Unfortunately the video does not actually show him using it, but stay tuned for a first look at what will surely be the third viral video from Lexus. Meanwhile, watch the second teaser clip above. 

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