It's not paying to be Selfish for Kim Kardashian, as it has been revealed that her book of selfies is selling badly. Only 31,000 copies have been sold so far, an insignificant number compared with her 41.4 million Instagram followers. 

It turns out that the book of pictures of the reality star, a project encouraged by her husband Kanye West, isn't enticing buyers. And it is not surprising as they are inundated with pictures of Kim on Instagram and other online and print outlets, daily. 

Whilst the Kardashians have made a success of a huge array of products and ventures, from their hit TV show, beauty products, wellness products, a children's clothing line and a womenswear line to name but a few, it would seem that published titles are not a forte for the family; Kendall and Kylie's first attempt of a sci-fi novel – Rebels: City of Indra, also flopped at the bookstore. Not to worry, Kim has a host of other hit projects to direct her attention to. Not to mention a baby-boy on the way.