Apple's design guru, Jony Ive, has been promoted to the role of chief design officer. Ive has previously held the role of senior vice president of design. Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, said in a memo to Apple staffers that Ive's newly created role would now expand beyond its devices and into designing the company's retail stores, new California campus and even office furniture. 

"In this new role, he will focus entirely on current design projects, new ideas and future initiatives," Tim Cook said in the company-wide memo. "Jony is one of the most talented and accomplished designers of his generation, with an astonishing 5,000 design and utility patents to his name." He added. 

The British designer was knighted in 2012 for his services to design and his official title is, Sir Jonathan Ive, however the somewhat shy senior Apple figure prefers to be known as 'Jony,' and although he is a leading member of senior staff in the world's most valuable and visible companies, he prefers to remain more behind the scenes. 

It is rumoured that Apple is planning to begin designs for a car, and overseeing the design of this would now fall under Ive's new remit. Stay tuned to Buro 24/7 Middle East for more Apple news...