Japan's high speed Maglev train has smashed its own world record for speed, with a new top speed recorded of 374 miles per hour today. The new test run for the train took place near mount Fuji and proved the train can reach higher speeds than last week's recorded world record of 366 miles per hour. 

The seven car magnetic levitation train, which is propelled and lifted by electronically charged magnets, charged through its test run as engineers continue to put it through its paces. Although some track has been built and the train has successfully passed many of its functional testing, it is thought that the speedy transport won't be open to the public until 2027. Its first task will be to link Tokyo with the city of Nagoya, when it will reduce an approximate five hour road journey into ann uber quick 40 minute Maglev ride. 

Take a look at the impressive machine in action in the video below.